Why Choose a WHA Member


The WHA is an industry association and accreditation body that:

  • Promotes water and hydration for employee health, productivity and wellbeing
  • Provides an informed choice between bottled or mains-fed dispensers
  • Requires strict standards of hygiene, dispenser installation and sanitisation

What is the WHA and why is it important?

The WHA (Water Dispenser & Hydration Association) is the leading association for the UK hydration industry. It treats safety and hygiene as its highest priority and is the body that oversees its Members to ensure continued and sustainable standards. Just as you should only use approved suppliers to fit electrical appliances, remove asbestos from old buildings or dispose of IT, you should ensure that your water dispenser provider is a professional too. You can do this by using a WHA Member. Remember - water is a food product and using a WHA Member gives peace of mind regarding product safety, hygiene and quality from source through to sale.

Why use a WHA Member for your hydration solutions?

WHA Members must follow strict Codes of Practice and best conduct. To ensure that your supplier operates to these high standards, all Members are audited annually and must meet or surpass the highest quality levels to remain as Members of the WHA. These standards are regularly reviewed and revised, especially in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that regulatory obligations are met.

What kind of training do WHA Members receive?

All WHA Members must undertake mandatory training in:

  • Hygiene Awareness
  • Operation Management
  • Bottling Plant Operation
  • Mains-fed (POU) Installation & Water Regulations

This means that they will install and service within water regulations, using best practices, approved products and following the manufacturer recommendations. They must also follow recycling guidelines for dispensers, bottles, cups and packaging. When you source a water dispenser, either mains-fed or bottled, make sure that your supplier is a WHA Member ensuring you receive an unimpeachable and excellent quality product.

Find a WHA Member to fulfil your business or home hydration requirements

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