Our Sustainability Programme

As well as providing one of the healthiest hydration solutions, the water dispenser industry is also one of the most sustainable. WHA Members wish to build on this and to promote the industry’s sustainability credentials.

Starting at the beginning of 2017, and covering all three pillars of sustainability; social, economic and environmental, Members are showing their commitment to the environment by pledging their support for the WHA 5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge.

environmental sustainability pledge

Pledge 1

Increase environmental sustainability through decreased use of energy, reusing and recycling of materials and improved logistics & transport.

WHA pledge icon 2 for water management

Pledge 2

Attend to water management to ensure use of water throughout the supply chain is as sustainable as
possible in order to protect one of our industry’s most precious resources.

WHA pledge icon 3 socially sustainable

Pledge 3

Seek ways of being more socially sustainable by supporting industry-wide and local community corporate social responsibility schemes involving staff and the wider community.

WHA pledge 4 financially sustainable growth

Pledge 4

Promote financially sustainable growth linked to environmental sustainability to ensure business success and increased employment.

WHA pledge 5 healthy workplaces

Pledge 5

Ensure our workplaces are healthy, supportive,
inclusive, happy and profitable.

5 for 5 Sustainability Pledge Poster

The poster – available in two designs, is downloadable by Members, to be printed and displayed in the workplace to encourage engagement with this initiative in their day-to-day lives and encourage new strategic planning and action.

WHA 5 for 5 sustainability posters - become a member to download