Codes of Practice

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Bottled Water and Bottled Water Dispensers

In keeping with the Mission Statement of the Association the Code of Practice is intended to ensure the attainment of the highest standards of quality, safety and hygiene in the water dispenser industry.
Bottled water is defined by legislation as a food product and must therefore be treated as such at each stage from its abstraction at the source, to bottling, storage, delivery to the customer and dispensing from the water dispenser into the cup.

WHA Members must adhere and be bound by the requirement of the Code of Practice for continued membership. The Association's rigorous annual audit and inspection programmes are designed to prove conformity with these requirements.

The Code of Practice encompasses:

  • General Health, Hygiene and Safety
  • Water Dispenser Location and Siting at Customers Premises
  • Delivery to and Storage of Consumables at Customer Premises
  • Water Dispenser Sanitary Maintenance and Sanitisation
  • Water Dispenser Construction Standards
  • Water Dispenser Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance
  • Source, Bottling and Storage of Bottled Water
  • Bottled Water and Dispenser Distribution Depots and Storage Facilities
  • Drinking Cups
  • Regulations Codes and Standards
  • Crisis Prevention, Protection and Management
  • Inspections and Audits
  • Professional Training and Education
  • Environmental Management
  • Plumbed-in (POU) and bottled water dispensers

The Code of Advertising & Conduct

General Standards

  • Legality and Truthfulness
  • Decency and Honesty
  • Fear and distress
  • Testimonials and Goodwill
  • Quality and safety

Legal Compliance

  • Bottled Water Regulations
  • Water Supply Regulations
  • Water Supply Fittings Regulations
  • Food Labelling Regulations


  • Which cause alarm
  • Medicinal, Nutritional and Therapeutic

Comparative Advertising

  • Bottled water dispensers
  • Plumbed-in water dispensers

Use of WHA Name and Logo

  • Conditions of use

Unfair Trading Practices

  • Price fixing
  • Competitor activity

Advertising and Conduct

In keeping with its Mission Statement the Association views advertising and ethical conduct by its Members as a positive contribution in raising public perception of both the high quality and safety of all water dispenser types (bottled and plumbed-in) and bottled water, as well as the professionalism and integrity of the Industry.

WHA Members must adhere and be bound by the requirement of this Code for continued membership.

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